PRE ORDERS: Pre orders payment can be done immediately or after the product is in stock, making the pre order, the item will be pre ordered at the order historical or pendent until its date release;

If you want to pay your order later please choose, "Pay my order later", when choosing this option, will only pay for your order when in stock and after the availability of the article, will receive an e- Mail to request to make the payment, if within 5 days we do not receive the payment the pre-order will be canceled, if you need more time to pay, you should contact us.

Regarding statues of Tsume, HQS and HQS+, although you can pay the article later, choosing the option "Pay my order later", to guarantee the order has to be made a deposit of 30% of the value of the statue, which will be sent by e-mail, if we do not receive the 30% deposit after sending the e-mail within 5 working days, the order will be canceled, if you need more time, you should contact us by the same e-mail. This is for Oniri Creations too, the client need to deposit 90€ to guarantee the pre order.

In any case that there is an informatics error, and there's no more stock, and the payment is already done, we will refund the costumer immediately;

Pre orders cannot be cancelled;

Pre order estimated dates are stipulated by suppliers, and they can be delayed , this information is always refreshed on the website. If you order a pre order along with stock items, the stock items will be only sent after the pre order item is in stock.